4 signs that a home is a lemon in disguise

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2022 | Real Estate

While the home-buying process is fun at first, in time, you may feel stressed and anxious to get settled in your new Connecticut home. Do not let these feelings overpower your common sense.

Far too many people end up in homes that are not right for them due to hasty decision-making. To help you avoid becoming one of them, keep an eye out for these four signs that a home is a lemon in disguise.

1. Strange or overpowering smells

When you first enter a home, take note of the smell. Overpowering smells may be an attempt to cover up foul odors, such as smoke or mildew. Additionally, if you detect musty smells, especially in a newer home, there may be an underlying water issue.

2. Cracking

Large cracks in a home’s interior or exterior walls may point to foundation issues. Also, watch for telltale signs of foundation issues, such as sloped floors and sticking windows and doors.

3. Enhancements that seem out-of-place

Enhancements like out-of-place rugs and wall art might be an attempt to conceal damage. If you see something that looks like it does not belong, take a peek at what is underneath.

4. Water damage and mold

Check under sinks, around pipes and in basements for signs of water damage, which can signal plumbing problems and cause mold to form. Mold is often much worse than it appears on the surface. Discounting visible mold as a minor issue when looking at a home may cost you more than you planned.

A little patience and observation can go a long way when you are house hunting. Keep these four signs in mind to help you find the home that is right for you.