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Real Estate Closing Lawyers West Hartford CT

Real estate transactions can be complex and expensive. If you are in the midst of a real estate matter in Connecticut, you need an experienced attorney to guide you through the legal process and achieve the results you are looking for. The attorneys at Steier & McCormick, LLC have the experience necessary to help you complete your closing.

We help buyers, sellers, and mortgage companies in both residential and commercial real estate transactions. Contact us today to discuss your transaction with attorney Chris McCormick.

You Need an Attorney

In Connecticut, it is customary for all parties involved in a real estate transaction to be represented by an attorney. The purchase or sale of property requires you to enter into a legally binding contract. We help our clients understand how the contract will affect them and what obligations they have.

Real estate transactions involve a long, complex process. An experienced attorney can make sure you avoid the pitfalls associated with these transactions. We are mindful of all deadlines and make sure all parties comply in a timely fashion to make sure closing takes place on time.

Title Searches

A title search will reveal any liens, judgments, restrictions, or easements that may prevent the sale of the property. In addition to providing our clients with title searches, we assist clients in purchasing title insurance.

Commercial Real Estate

We offer a wide variety of services for our commercial real estate clients. We make sure the property you are looking to buy is zoned for your intended use. We advise you regarding whatever due diligence is necessary to take the guess work out of your transaction. We help you learn as much as possible about the property, by reviewing records from the seller, the town, and other sources.

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