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Your property taxes are levied based on the assessed value of your home. According to the National Taxpayer’s Union, 60% of all homes are over-assessed. It may make sense for you to check on your assessment which, if lowered, would result in reduced property taxes.

The first step in determining whether your property is properly assessed is to make a trip to your local assessor’s office and pull at least five comparable field cards of properties in your neighborhood that are similar size age and features. If the value of your home is off by 10% or more, you may have good cause for your home value to be re-assessed.

You should also double-check the information on the assessor’s field card relating to your property. Check all of the details listed for your home, from square footage to number of bedrooms and bathrooms. If there are errors or otherwise, the tax assessor can likely address the error on the spot.

If you conclude that your property is over-assessed, and you cannot resolve this with the Assessor, find out when the Board of Assessment Appeals meets, so that you can plan to appear before them to request a reduction in your property assessment. The Board has the power to reduce your assessment, but also could increase your assessment if they find cause to do so.

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