What to know about home inspections

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2023 | Real Estate

Purchasing a home is exciting, but it is also a major decision that is best made carefully. Going through a thorough home inspection is one thing that everyone buying a home should do in order to ensure that the house has no major issues. There are some things that potential homebuyers need to know in order to get the most out of their home inspections.

Here are a couple of things that Connecticut homebuyers should know about home inspections.

What to ask about

Potential homebuyers are the ones who are paying for the home inspection, so they are wise to ask for specific details in order to get their money’s worth. Some things to consider doing include:

  • Asking the licensed home inspector what they do and do not check during their walkaround before ever hiring them
  • Inquiring about how long major components of the house, such as the roof, have until the homebuyer can expect to repair them
  • Asking the inspector what they consider to be some major concerns about the property if they were the one buying the home

This is a case where a customer can never ask too many questions.

How to negotiate

If a home inspector finds concerning issues, the would-be buyers may have a chance to negotiate with the seller of the house. Two things that buyers can ask of the seller are to either fix the issues before they make a purchase or lower the selling price of the home.

Knowing as much as possible about home inspections makes the homebuying process go more smoothly.