Landlord / Tenant Law

West Hartford and Avon Attorneys Protecting the Rights of Landlords

Are you having a dispute with your tenant? Has your renter stopped paying rent? Connecticut law generally favors the tenant on landlord/tenant disputes. As a result, it is important for property owners to have a lawyer working to protect their interests. The attorneys at Steier & McCormick, LLC have extensive experience representing landlords when such disputes arise. Our West Hartford attorneys can advise you on your rights, including the following common issues:

  • Nonpayment of Rent
  • Evictions
  • Assignment of Leases / Subleases
  • Security Deposit Disputes
  • Damage to the Premises

Often the key to preventing such disputes is to have a well-drafted rental or lease agreement in place. Our knowledgeable Avon attorneys can prepare a rental agreement that protects your interests in the future should a dispute arise.

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