Common title issues when buying a Connecticut home

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2023 | Real Estate

Buying a home in Connecticut, as in any state, involves careful attention to many details. One critical aspect that potential homeowners often overlook is the title. Issues with the title can cause significant problems, delaying the purchase process or even leading to loss of the property.

A clear title is crucial to a smooth home-buying experience. However, several common title issues can emerge during the home-buying process in Connecticut.

Errors in public records

Public record errors, such as filing or clerical mistakes, can affect the deed or survey of your property. They can cause inconsistencies in the property ownership record, which can lead to disputes and claims.

Liens against the property

If the previous owner of the property had outstanding debts, creditors might have placed liens on the property. If these liens remain unresolved at the time of purchase, they become the new owner’s responsibility, which can cause unexpected financial burdens.

Illegal deeds in the chain of ownership

The history of a property’s ownership, or the “chain of title,” might contain a deed executed by an illegal owner. Examples could include a minor, a mentally incapacitated individual or a person reported as single but actually married. These issues can affect the enforceability of prior deeds, potentially impacting current ownership.

Missing heirs

When a property owner dies, their heirs inherit the property. Sometimes, these heirs are missing or unknown at the time of death. Years later, these missing heirs can surface and claim ownership of the property, causing disputes.

Boundary disputes

Neighboring property owners can have differing opinions about where one property ends and another begins. Disputes over the property boundaries can affect your ability to use and enjoy your property.

Understanding potential title issues can help homebuyers in Connecticut navigate the process more smoothly. By being aware of these common issues, you can take steps to address them proactively, ensuring a smoother, more secure home-buying process.