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When you have defaulted on your mortgage and are facing foreclosure on your home, it is easy to believe you have run out of options. Though your possible courses of action may be limited, you still have choices. One of those choices is strategizing for transition and success.

At Steier & McCormick, LLC, our Connecticut law offices in West Hartford and Avon provide the guidance, assistance and legal representation you need to protect your interests and to plan for the future. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation. Se habla español.

Working Through Home Foreclosure

Though bankruptcy is one of the most effective means of stopping home foreclosure, there are circumstances that may rule out bankruptcy as an option. In such cases, there are alternatives to bankruptcy that may assist individuals and families in preventing foreclosure or transitioning through it. A few of these alternatives to bankruptcy include:

  • Applying for mortgage modification
  • Applying for a forbearance agreement
  • Securing time to complete an orderly transition

When foreclosure is inevitable, it is possible to work through the process in a dignified and orderly manner. You do not have to allow lenders to dictate the terms of the foreclosure transition; working with our attorneys, you may set them. In representing your interests, we work to obtain the time you need to allow your family to successfully move forward in life.

Protecting Your Rights in Foreclosure

As part of the foreclosure process, you engage in court-ordered mediation with the lender. If the process breaks down, we work on your behalf to file foreclosure defenses in an effort to cause the lender to examine potential problems and to provide you with extra time to get your affairs in order. Some of the defenses, depending on your situation, may include:

  • Lender’s failure to provide 30 day right to cure letter
  • Bank’s misapplication of payments
  • Truth in lending violations
  • Mortgage fraud
  • RESPA violations

In recognition of his experience and knowledge as a Connecticut foreclosure defense attorney, Christopher McCormick was recently quoted in a New York Times article about foreclosure and solar panel companies. Read the article in its entirety here.

For a full review of the facts surrounding your foreclosure and a discussion about your options, contact us. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss how we may help you find creative solutions to your unique situations.